Did You Know?

Did You Know?


Forty four states have enacted various forms of data privacy laws.

Potential Impact:

Liability can vary from state to state, but most laws are generally modeled after California's data privacy law. A breach in your security can have significant financial liability which can include fines as well as credit monitoring for affected individuals. For example, if you loose a hard disk with 10,000 member identities, just the credit monitoring alone could total over $1 million in financial liability.

Action Items:

The risk associated with security breaches can never be totally eliminated. But with a consistent approach and clear plan, a significant amount of risk can be eliminated.

Start with a Technology Audit to pin point trouble spots in your technology and security practices.

Once an action plan is determined at the end of the Technology Audit it must be implemented.

Security is an ongoing mission. Your security action plan should be revisited and adjusted to meet new conditions.